A winner!

Stamper Sue (luthersmom), you are the winner of the 2nd Annual Great Coin Jar Contest!  Sue guessed $98.10.  That’s amazing!  I myself was way off — I guessed $117.  DH guessed $76.  I think I’ll have him make up the difference, so he owes me $22, which ought to pay for something during my trip!

Speaking of amazing, what are the odds that there would be an even dollar amount in a jar of coins collected over a one-year period?

Sue, I’ll hand-deliver your box of goodies!  Thanks for playing, everyone!



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4 responses to “A winner!

  1. sue

    Woo Hoo! I never win anything, well okay there was the Cuisinart food processor in 1977…

    Thanks so much!

  2. Have a Great time,

  3. Amy

    Ahhh bummer for me. I was so sure I was right on and going to win. I had a good good feeling about it. LOL I rarely win either so I am glad another non winner won. Congrats Sue!! Enjoy your goodies. 🙂 and Debra enjoy convention.

  4. TMoore

    What yiu are taking me to dinner in SLC – Deb– y
    ou ROCK!

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