When what to my wondering eyes did appear…

…but a Stampin’ Up! box — my new products are here!

So intensely focused was I in the studio that I never heard UPS ring the front doorbell, or I would have tackled the guy to the ground in the front yard.  “How to Cause an Accident on a State Highway 101.”

Now, Stampin’ Up! rules prohibit me from showing you what exactly is in the box.  After the blog hop, I’ll ink and cut and embellish and show you what I create.  That’s legal!

In that box (and I’ve only gone as deep as you see above) is the new catalog.  I’m already in love, and I have only seen the cover!  Have you reserved your copy with me?  My list is growing, and here’s why:  For just $6.00, you will get a wire-bound catalog that lays flat when you have it on your desk (typing up your wish list) with a totally useful double-sided pocket to hold the current mini and aforementioned wish list.  Use our Spiral Punch to add pages with tips and techniques or ideas to try.  Only catalogs which have been pre-ordered will be spiral bound.  I will need your  pre-order commitment by June 20 to ensure adequate supply — the new catalog year begins July 1!


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One response to “When what to my wondering eyes did appear…

  1. YOU TEASE!!!!! AAAHHH!!! That’s not fair!!!!
    HAHAHAH!! Can’t wait for the blog hop. Is it here yet? Is it here yet?

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