Tuesday Tip: Paper roses

A big thanks to Stampin’ Up! demo Julie Buhler for her tutorial on these paper roses (or carnations).  I followed her instructions with few variations.  Here’s my take:

  1. Begin by punching or die cutting three scalloped circles.
  2. Run the shapes through the Crimper (I do all three at once) three times, changing direction each time.  This will begin to break down the fibers.
  3. Pull each flower against side of Bone Folder or pan scraper, as if curling a ribbon, several times.  Changing direction each time, repeat until layers of card stock begin to split at the edges.  Take care not to tear the card stock, which will become very soft and pliable.
  4. You are really beating up this card stock!
  5. Carefully pull apart the two layers.  Repeat with other two flowers, creating six layers.
  6. Stack the flower layers.  With the rough side up, pierce the center of the stack and affix a brad or button.
  7. Pull up first layer of flower.  Crinkle and crush card stock.
  8. Repeat with each layer.
  9. Repeat with each layer.

Don’t over-think this technique! There is nothing perfect about the result, so don’t stress about getting it that way. Your flower will be charming, I know!


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