Scrappin’ Saturday — The vacation book page 1

I took advantage of the recent new downloads for My Digital Studio so that I could use them in my vacation mini book. This page uses Textured Card Stock and the Medium Jewelry Tag Punch.  Less than $1 for that punch download!  And I never left my chair!

This page is simply a 1/4 sheet of card stock.  I plan on printing this on a half sheet folded in half, like a tent card.  This page will be printed at the bottom; page 2 will be printed on the top but rotated 180° so that when the paper is folded, the fold is at the top of each page.  Can’t picture it?  When I get this all printed — need to make sure my inks are full — I’ll show you!

So this is the beginning of the vacation scrapbook, using the Briefcase On Board Book from the Summer Mini.  I wasn’t originally thinking My Digital Studio, but conventional scrapping takes me so long to make decisions.  Much easier in MDS!  I can change my mind over and over.  It appeals to my inability to leave well enough alone.  Ahem.



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4 responses to “Scrappin’ Saturday — The vacation book page 1

  1. Sally Estes

    We stopped and saw this statue on our way down to Paducah for the quilt festival many years ago. Our bunch of girls had a fun time laughing at it as well!

  2. What a great idea to make your scrapbook in MDS, then print it to put in the Briefcase On Board Book! Great page, too, even if it was disappointing.

  3. HA HA HA! Great title and great page!

  4. Natalie Fettig

    Your title makes me laugh! My kids felt the same way when we stopped there.

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