Tuesday Tip: Blackboard technique

This technique is sometimes called “black magic.”  I first saw it on a swap card I received at Convention a few years ago.  The effect of the bright colors against the black was stunning!  I have always done this technique using our Stampin’ Pastels, but recently I have been interested in Watercolor Pencils, so that’s what you’ll see here.  It takes only a few supplies:

  1. Begin by stamping your image in Whisper White Craft ink, making sure that you are getting the stamp good and inky.  I was hurrying here and caught the edge of the pad as I was inking the stamp.  See those lines on the top strawberries?  I wondered if they would cause a problem; we’ll see!  Let the ink dry or heat it to dry faster.

  2. Using a lighter color, begin coloring over the white ink.  You’ll need to keep sharpening your pencils to keep them effective.  After seeing that the pencil wasn’t covering my stamping mistakes, I decided to cut this panel smaller.
  3. Continue layering the color, blending with your pencil.  You can’t use a blender pen with this technique, as the pen will start to pick up the ink.  I’ve added additional color to the strawberries on the right half of the image below.

This is a very intense and time consuming technique, especially with this many images, but it’s so dramatic.  Come back tomorrow for the rest of the recipe for the finished card!


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4 responses to “Tuesday Tip: Blackboard technique

  1. TMoore

    Cliff Hanger – UGH!

    Can’t wait to see the finished card – was just messin with this Black Magic tech. myself!

  2. Debra,
    I too love strawbrries, can’t hardly wit until tomorrow to see the rest of the card.
    Love, Carol

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