Tuesday Tip: Keep track of loose rubber

When I first began buying our Clear-Mount stamp sets, I was a bit frustrated with the fact that the stamps were not clinging to the case securely.  (I have no problem with the stamps clinging to the Clear-Mount Blocks, just the case!)  Although I pressed them against the case, they were often loose when I brought out the set again.  I felt that a lost stamp was inevitable.

Then I read someone’s solution to this problem:  Save the rubber sheet from which you pop out the stamp images.  After your stamps are removed and labels are adhered, peel off the backing to the rubber sheet and press the sheet into the case.  The amount of cling ensures that this will stay put, and I can replace each stamp after I use it.  The fit against the rubber sheet ensures that the stamp will not become loose.

PS — In the picture above, you can see that I still do trim some of my stamps, after I affix the labels.  However, there’s enough of the original shape to ensure a tight fit.



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3 responses to “Tuesday Tip: Keep track of loose rubber

  1. sally

    This is a fab idea!!

  2. Kyla

    What a great idea – now I just wish I had kept the rubber for a couple of my sets – those little houses are just dying to get away from me!

    Kyla in KY

  3. Sally

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing with us.

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