Tuesday Tip: Crimped leaves

Someone, somewhere, at some time demonstrated this technique of making leaves with folded and crimped card stock.  Whoever you are:  thanks for a brilliant idea!  Today I’ll show you how, and tomorrow I’ll show the card that uses these leaves — we’ll be making it in camp this month.

  1. Score a piece of card stock in half lengthwise.  (Here, the piece measures 2″ x 4¼” because that’s the scrap I had!)  Crease on the score line.
  2. Leading with the folded edge and with the folded piece at an angle, run it through the crimper.
  3. Open the card stock.  There is a difference between the top and bottom; I prefer the side with the stronger “vein” down the middle as the top.
  4. Use an oval punch (here, the Small Oval) to punch out leaves, keeping the “vein” running the length of the leaf.
  5. Ta da!


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4 responses to “Tuesday Tip: Crimped leaves

  1. Oh my goodness. This is one of those things that you just say of course…brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that!

    Adorable. I can’t wait to try it…now where did I put my crimper…

  2. OMGosh, that is soooo cool! I’m going to try that tonight (as soon as I clear a space in the Black Hole of Calc….. I mean Craft Room)!

  3. I like this tip! Thanks

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