At the ready

Thursday morning our mower was returned from the shop, all tuned up and ready to go … if only we had any grass!  Poor Toro!



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4 responses to “At the ready

  1. Moorestampin

    Thanks for posting this – it brings a smile – Spring is coming! Yeah!

    Ready to start planning the Fall Super De Duper De Day? !!!

  2. I too was impressed with your comment on the comming and awaited for warmer weather, I was
    so impressed that I called my husband to the computer as I read your comment he too commented about getting the machinery ready for spring. We all can smile . Thanks for all you share.
    Love, Carol

  3. Ah, well….soon enough we’ll be complaining about having to mow the grass (“I swear it grows 3 inches overnight!”) in the heat. 😉

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