Tuesday Tip: Adhesive when you want it

Ever since I “discovered” it, Tombow Multi-Purpose Adhesive has been my adhesive of choice.  It seems to last forever, and once your paper is down, it’s there to stay.

There’s a bit of a learning curve with it — the fact that it’s wet means if you apply too much or get it too close to the edge of your work, it will ooze out.  (Luckily, this is fixed with the Adhesive Remover.)  The benefit of working with a wet adhesive is that — for a few seconds anyway — you can slide and nudge your work into position.

But it’s important to keep glue in the tip of the bottle so you don’t have to shake it down each time you’re ready to apply it.  I know enough to store the bottle tip down, but Stamper Dot had a better idea:  especially when working for a long period of time, keep the open bottle in a small jar.  Then I remembered that cake decorators keep their decorating bags tip-down in a glass with a bit of damp paper towel.  This keeps the tip from plugging up and drying out.  So that’s what I do now!



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2 responses to “Tuesday Tip: Adhesive when you want it

  1. Sally

    Great idea. Thanks!

  2. Priscilla

    Great idea, Debra! I am going to get out my liquid glue and give it a try.

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