Going Dolphin

Our house was built in 1937 — full of charm (Realtor code for “no closets”) and lots of wonderful woodwork and flooring.  When we moved here almost 23 years ago, every room was decorated with “country” wallpaper and ruffled curtains.  Gradually we have moved to a less fussy style, but we have lots of family antiques that dictate the scheme.

Several months ago our cable service added HGTV, and I could finally hold my head up in public.  Of course, it was only on our primary TV, not in the studio.  Then, that also changed also, and now I can have HGTV on while I’m stamping or prepping for camp.  I’ve been really struck by the changes decorators make to color in their projects.  It seems most of us are too conservative!  These shows (and lots of inspiration from The Lettered Cottage) have given me lots of do-able ideas — some for paper crafting, also!

So a few weeks ago DH plunged into repainting our tiny, main bathroom.  I’ve had Martha Stewart Jadite green (shown above) in there for many years.  It was pretty, but dated.  Our towels were tired.  The accessories were pathetic.  I found  towels in a summer sky blue and fresh spring green, but wanted to make a serious statement with the paint.  Leaving the woodwork white, we quickly agreed (!) on Dolphin Gray for the color.  It’s the color of freshly poured concrete — like wet Sahara Sand, if that would be possible.  It’s so striking and beautiful!

Now that things have settled down a bit in our lives, it’s on to the trim and the final touches.  A fine way to start the new year!

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