Tuesday Tip: A frame of reference

Inspiration — it’s everywhere!  Sitting a few rows ahead of me in church last summer was a young woman with the most amazing skirt/top combination; later I had to make a card that replicated the effect.

More likely, however, is that I see inspiration on the Web and on paper.  Keeping track of all that has always been a challenge.  I will sheepishly admit that I still have decorating ideas from my first “real” home of my own, 30 years ago!  Scraps of paper are in a folder, dutifully labeled — and in a deep-cleaning frenzy I’ll rediscover the folder and recall that good season of my life.

I’m guessing a lot of you share this scenario.  Here’s a tip from my friend Tina:  Instead of printing out card ideas off the site galleries, she saves the images to a flash drive, which she uses in a digital frame at her stamping table. No paper, no ink!



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2 responses to “Tuesday Tip: A frame of reference

  1. Stamper Jill

    What a great idea – I have a digital frame and a flash drive! Now I just need the time to save the card images I find. So much better than pictures on paper that I have to search thru.

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