Christmas at the movies

How can we have hundreds of cable channels, but there’s nothing to watch?  This is not a new frustration, and so many years ago I started collecting classic (and newer) Christmas movies that we could watch on our schedule.  Leading unexciting lives, the highlights of our weekend evenings in December often involve Bing and Fred and the others.

The new, made for TV movies?  So tedious, so contrived, so predictable, so filled with commercials!  The funniest thing I’ve read on this subject was Posie’s post last year.

Last night we watched Christmas in Connecticut, the original, of course.  One thing I love about classic movies is doing a bit of research on the actors.  After we’re finished, I bring up The Internet Movie Database and search for the movie, usually, or sometimes the actor.   Where have we seen the judge before?  (Mayor Pike in Mayberry!)  What ever happened to the actress who played the young woman running away from home in Going My Way?  (A mystery!)  Just how small was Vera-Ellen’s waist?  (21″!)

It’s good to watch the oldies.  We can speak the dialog right along with the characters and, at least once a year, I get to perform “Sisters,” amusing DH and possibly alarming passersby.



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3 responses to “Christmas at the movies

  1. Stamper Jill

    I’d love to see your version of Sisters!! thought the original with Bing was great!!

  2. sue

    Love your banner 🙂

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