Tuesday Tip: Dealing with Dimensionals

I use lots of Stampin’ Dimensionals when creating my cards.  My Christmas card this year uses six to pop up the main panel — multiply that by 85, and you can see that’s a lot of little hexagons!

They’re not expensive (just $3.95 for 350), so I can afford to be lavish, but there are two aspects about using them that can be annoying:  (1) getting the little hexagon paper off the sticky side and (2) preventing all those hexagons from ending up all over the house.  Here are my solutions:

(1) After you apply the Dimensional to your project, use your fingernail to stab the middle.  The edge of the Dimensional’s paper will lift up, and you can easily peel it off.

(2) Now what to do with that little hexagon?  Affix a large loop of tape (I used packing tape here) to your work surface.  Simply press the hexagons into the tape as you use the Dimensionals.  When there’s no more sticky surface, start a new piece.

Now start popping up!

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