Tuesday Tip: Alcohol in the studio

No, not that kind!  Regular rubbing alcohol (RA) has several practical uses in the stamping studio:

  1. Use a cotton ball saturated with RA to clean your snips that have become sticky from adhesive.  Don’t use a tissue to do this, as your scissors will slice through the tissue and, most likely, into your finger.  (Scars shown upon request.)
  2. Other sticky gunk, like glue dots that find themselves adhered to the plastic stamp case, can be removed this way as well.
  3. Keep some individual alcohol swabs in your tool tote (but note tip #1 — be careful!).
  4. Something about the “squishy pad” (Texturz Silicone Rubber pad) makes it attract lint — and especially glitter.  Clean it off with RA on a cotton ball.
  5. Create your own shimmer mist:
    • Fill a small travel spray bottle with 2 ounces of 91% RA (note:  when I first used this technique, I only used 70% RA, and I was very disappointed that the shimmer seemed to fade over time; this works better).
    • Add several drops of Shimmer Paint.
    • Shake well (each time) before spraying on your card stock.
    • Allow card stock to dry.
  6. Make a good impression:  Spray your card stock with RA before building a sandwich with the Texturz Plates in your Big Shot.  The card stock will yield better to the impression plate because it is damp.  And although RA dries rather quickly, make sure your card stock is totally dry before adhering.  Check tomorrow’s post to see how well this works.


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4 responses to “Tuesday Tip: Alcohol in the studio

  1. Deb,
    What a great idea!!
    Looking for more great tips/tricks to stamping
    Have a great holiday season.

  2. Stamper Jill

    So that’s why my “sparkle” wasn’t as pronounced as it should be. I’m off to buy more rubbing alcohol with a 90 rating! I didn’t know there was a difference.

    • heartfeltinkspiration

      Me, either. Of course, it may be that I need more paint. But I was really surprised that I could barely see it on the card I did for Mary Lou’s party. I couldn’t believe I was looking at the same card!

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