Tuesday Tip: A scrap handle

Each Tuesday I plan to present a shortcut, an idea, a new use for an old product — something that will enhance your stamping and paper crafting.  Here’s the first one.  As usual, click on the photo to enlarge.

Click to enlarge

I keep scraps “just in case” — three words that can doom all attempts to keep organized.  But “you never know when you might need it” (uh-oh), and here’s why.  A scrap might be just the right size for a stamped image, but too small to hold onto so you can punch it out.

Click to enlarge

Find a scrap of card stock and swipe a bit of Dotto removable adhesive on one corner.

Click to enlarge

Adhere a corner of the stamped piece to the Dotto and use the scrap as a handle so you can use the punch.  Be sure to remove any scrap from the back of your stamped image before adhering it to your finished project.

We’ll be using this particular piece on a project in December.  Here’s a tiny sneak peek:

Click to enlarge


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