Parade of Daily Adventures

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Those of you who follow FlyLady know what the PODA is — a fresh, positive way of viewing the daily to-d0 list.  It helps you see your work/tasks as possibilities rather than chores    I’ve always liked the concept!

On my PODA has been to prepare favors for the goody bags that will be part of the Christmas Crank weekend beginning November 20 at Walcamp Outdoor Ministries in Kingston, Illinois.  I look forward to this retreat each year.  The building we use is surrounded by woods, especially beautiful in the late fall (and may I say that we are hoping for just a little bit of snow to complete the mood?).  Inside is cozy and usually a bit on the noisy side as a dozen stampers work on their Christmas cards.

My goal this year is to finish my cards.  Last year I barely got them started at the Crank, as I was still finishing some Thanksgiving projects.  I was stunned when one year someone finished making her cards — and signed, sealed and put them in the mail on the way home!  Frightening!

These little memo books are simple to make.  I used retired Designer Series Paper (a great way to use up scraps) and the wonderful (but also retired) wide organdy ribbon.  The black medallion is cut with the Matchbox die and the monogram is the Lovely Letters Alphabet.

Yes, of course I made one for myself!



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4 responses to “Parade of Daily Adventures

  1. sue

    And your oldest sister?

  2. Priscilla

    I love these, I hope the ladies with the P names are absent!

  3. Priscilla

    Or I maybe I have to make my own…

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