Waylaid by fruit

Apples before


Yesterday I had planned to work in the studio in the morning.  Since I work from home (stamping is my business!), I need to structure my day so I don’t spend too many hours on the Web or doing non-productive things.

DH had other plans for me, however, and so together we “worked on the apples” we got from his brother.  They have a wonderful orchard on the Burgin family farm, and this year was particularly bountiful.  Our SIL was begging us to take bag after bag, and I couldn’t refuse.

DH pared and I cored and chopped, filling a 6-quart pot.  While they cooked on low heat, we dropped the cars off for oil changes and went for a brisk (fast and cold) walk.  When we got home, the apples were done, I mashed them and put them on the porch to cool, and we repeated the procedure.

Apples after


That bowl in the first photo was an antiquing find several years ago, up in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.  I was immediately smitten by its deep tangerine color.  It was more money than I wanted to pay for an impulse buy, but I had a little birthday money burning a hole in my pocket, and we negotiated a price that didn’t hurt quite so much.  It’s really big (those apples were huge) and perfect for fall.

And yes, I have a thing about old bowls.  If you only knew.


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One response to “Waylaid by fruit

  1. Sally

    Now I want see a card with the colors of that tangerine bowl and this big beautiful apples!

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