All done, at least this one

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To be perfectly honest, there were times when pushing to finish my first My Digital Studio project was not at all pleasant.  I accidentally deleted a page — the most perfect page ever! — and didn’t realize it until I had saved the project.  If I ever have the idea that I can whip together in just a few days a scrapbook for some event (DH’s big birthday next August?), someone slap me, please.  I loved working with this program, but it’s hard for me to force creativity under pressure!

But nothing teaches you how to actually use something like actually doing it.  And because I had imposed a deadline on myself, I was sitting in front of the computer too much.  And getting grumpy.  For me, a layout starts with a picture that tells a story.  Before we totally switched to digital photography, and when we had a camera without a zoom, our photos were just ho-hum.  Or worse.  So I was looking through envelope after envelope of pictures.  And some brought laughter and tears.  That slowed me down!

Anyway, it’s done.  And now I’m thinking of projects I can create — like something special for DH’s birthday!  Here’s an idea:  start now!

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