Fair entries

Plates and honey pots

Some of you have asked about my Sandwich Fair entries that won ribbons.  Here are parts of two entries:  Honey Pots (1st Place) and Souvenir Plates (2nd Place).  Each category required five items.  My honey pot collection was the result of some antiquing (although they’re not technically antiques).  I just love the shape of these, and since my name means “honeybee,” it seemed a fitting item to be collecting.  I have six pots, each a different color.  They make a wonderful display in the kitchen, shown above, especially this time of year with the changing light.  I still look for these, but I’ve never found a color that’s new to me, so the collection is stalled.  And that’s fine.

The souvenir plates are Staffordshire.  Again, I look for the same design but different colors.  My original “rule” was not to buy any plate of a place I hadn’t visited.  I discarded that when I couldn’t find a green Staffordshire plate.  It was quite a quest, one which was starting to tire DH.  Out antiquing together, I had gallantly allowed my younger sister to purchase a green plate of the Rocky Mountain National Park (which she had visited and I hadn’t).  I regretted that act.

Sure that I would also find a green plate, we looked for years.  When we’d walk into a shop and the shopkeeper would ask, “Are you looking for anything special?” I could say YES!  I would recount the story of the green plate that got away and our futile search.  Someone told me, “You know, they didn’t make just one,” and that was just the encouragement I needed to keep looking.  But even eBay didn’t yield the elusive green plate.  Some time later my sister stunned me by telling me her plate wasn’t green at all — only in my dreams!

The word “souvenir” is from the French:  to remember.  I love items from the 40s and 50s that recall my own childhood vacations (but not in those decades, thank you!).  That’s why I’m loving the Ken Burns film The National Parks:  American’s Best Idea that’s airing this week on PBS.  Are you watching, too?


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