Bugs and boils (eew!)

Bugs and boils

This week is Vacation Bible School at church.  I’m so grateful for the air conditioned facilities; very, very grateful we are not out at camp, where the pond is icky and it is not air conditioned.

I am the assistant to the snack leader, a high schooler.  Each day we help one of the classes make a snack for all kids and staff — a snack that ties in with the lesson.  Today they learned about the plagues, and this trail-mix sort of snack was called Bugs and Boils, which appealed greatly to the kids.  The fruit gushers were especially enjoyed when related to oozing sores.  I was mostly impressed with the colors of the tongues when the Snack Shack was finished.

So here is a portion of 75 bags of bugs and boils (pretzels, mini chocolate chips, raisins, fruit gushers, and mini marshmallows).  It was a great plan to have the kids prepare the snack for the others, even if Monday it was a challenge to keep the pre-schoolers from eating the ingredients!


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