The nearly perfect cake

I had lunch with friends just before Christmas; the hostess served a wonderful almond Bundt cake for dessert.  Her neighbor gives her this cake every Christmas.  (I love traditions like that!)

Coincidentally, one of my favorite blogs had a post about an almond Bundt cake, with a link to the recipe.  Sure enough, it’s the same recipe my friend’s neighbor uses!  (The one on the can is easier to follow — the ingredients are listed in the order you use them — but it is the same.)  I decided this would be perfect to take to our family gathering last weekend.

almond-cakeHow beautiful is this?  I was so thrilled with the way it looked I ran upstairs to the office to show DH and take a picture of it in the guest room.  No, this is not a usual occurrence, and DH was very surprised to see me with the cake in my hands!  But, gratifyingly, he did acknowledge its beauty.

I had one small worry, that I had overbaked it.  I had set the timer (it starts by itself), but after getting supper started, transfering laundry from washer to dryer, etc., I looked at the timer and realized in horror that the time hadn’t changed.  (Was I busy for 15 minutes?  Thirty?  Ten?)  So, yes, it was a bit overbaked, as you can tell, but nothing a big scoop of good vanilla ice cream didn’t fix!



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2 responses to “The nearly perfect cake

  1. Dorothy

    You could bring in some to O.C. and I will try and see if its over baked! Dot

  2. Chocolate, any time, I’m ready to enjoy.
    Looks great. Looks good enought to eat!!

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