Memories by the boxful

Vacationing on Lake Superior

Vacationing on Lake Superior

Aside from a car organizer, the only Christmas gift I got (shared with DH) was a digital slide converter.  DH has always been the historian of the family — if there’s a family event, he has the camera.  So we have boxes and boxes full of slide magazines documenting events before I was born until around 1980.  Most of these slides get viewed rarely, of course, unless there’s a big family gathering and he can bring them out for the enjoyment and amusement of the extended family.  (“Look at that tie!”  “Nice hairdo!”  “What happened to your swim trunks?”)

So we have spent a lot of our free time the past week converting slides — well over 400 so far.  (And that’s only about a quarter of slides that could be converted!)  Today is the day we push for the finish line and complete the project so that our living room can be returned to its normal state.  I’ll burn these slides onto DVDs for my stepchildren who, I hope, will be delighted.


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2 responses to “Memories by the boxful

  1. How fun and the memories! My Uncle too, always had the camera in his had. We have alot of slides of the family he took. I see scrapbooking projects in 2009!

  2. That is a great undertaking, and glad that you are doing it together. It will be well spent and not a wasted minute, there is always room for popcorn!

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